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  • Password 1.0

    Now you can efficiently manage your passwords by using handy software A password changing utility. It enables you to easily change your passwords
  • Password & Data Safe

    Password & Data Safe securely saves passwords and text snippets. The application is based on profiles what allows a multi usage by different users.
  • Password & Key Finder

    Find and display product key for any Windows and Microsoft Office software products. Even find out your Windows system CD Key when your Windows
  • Password 2000 2.8

    Internet password account
  • Password Administrator 3.0

    Find out why Password Administrator is used by organizations and individuals worldwide in over 60 Countries. AES 256-Bit Encryption, History/Audit
  • Password Age 1.7

    Displays the password age of a specified User ID. This Widget uses the "net user" command to retrieve the last time a password was changed
  • Password Agent

    To secure data store password notes and secret text use the powerful Password Agent. The main features included in it are privacy, quick efficient
  • Password Agent Lite 1.1

    Password Agent enables you to store all your sensitive data like passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers, software serial numbers and other
  • Password Anywhere 1.0

    Using one-way hash algorithms and encryption, will generate a password based on a Master Password and site URL. Java based, so it can run on most
  • Password Architect 1.00

    Password Architect helps you generate secure passwords that very difficult to guess or crack. Whether you're a home user or a network administrator,
  • Password Archive 2005 3.64

    Password Archive 2005 securely stores your passwords and all your personal confidential information. With a single password you can protect all your
  • Password Bank 1.0

    A FREE Password Management tool with Password Generator. You can Generate Unique Password for all accounts, ALPHA Numeric with a Mix of Lower Case
  • Password Book 5.1

    Password Book for Windows Password Book for Windows: gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your passwords, access
  • Password Book for PC 1.10

    Today, there are too many account password you need to remember: bank account, credit card account, ID card, mailbox account, website login account,
  • Password Book For S60 E3

    V1.20, Search feature added! Today, there are too many account password you need to remember: bank account, credit card account, ID card, mailbox
  • Password Book For S60 E5

    V1.20, Search feature added! Today, there are too many account password you need to remember: bank account, credit card account, ID card, mailbox
  • Password Booster Screen Lock

    Password booster Screen Lock is a free Windows program that quickly locks your computer whenever you remove your Password Booster or enrolled USB
  • Password Boss 2.24

    Multifunctional password manager with unique capabilities. It allows for secure storage and usage of passwords and any other confidential information.
  • Password Box 1.1

    Password Box 1.1 is regarded as a very flexible and effective password and account management software. Beautiful Interface, Function and operate
  • Password Boy Pro 1.0

    PASSWORD Boy Pro is a professional webmaster utility for password generation. It allows you to create thousands of unique passwords with one single
  • Password Breaker 3.530

    Now you can easily find passwords of MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets by using handy software application Password Breaker. It supports Media
  • Password Calculator 1.0

    Password Calculator generates passwords and saves
  • Password Canteen 1.0

    Password manager that uses the strong and secure Blowfish encryption algorithm, utilizes the ZLib Compression Library to dramatically reduce
  • Password Categories 1.0

    This extension adds a "Category" column in the Password manager. You may specify an arbitrary category name for Any Password by double-clicking the
  • Password Central 1.10

    Store all your passwords on a safe place ,and never forget one again or in wich web page or software it belongs.Secure,easy to use,uses encryption
  • Password Cipher -

    A command-line to help encipher and decipher your password based on a simple
  • Password Coffer 3.0

    How do you keep your passwords, PINs, combinations, credit card numbers on your computer? How can you get them easily and ensure that they are kept
  • Password Commander 2.9.3

    You have passwords to be protected, don't you? You don't want to worry about the safety of your passwords, do you? You don't like to log on manually,
  • Password Companion 1.0

    Do you have too many passwords to keep up with? I'll bet you do! Well, Password Companion is the perfect tool for you! Password Companion keeps your
  • Password Compass 1.0

    Powerful and simple web site password management and launch utility! Benefits: - Defeats keyboard logging viruses. - Allows you to use more
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  • Act! Password 12.0.9123

    password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for Act! documents. Such situation may also occur if someone who does not work with you anymore password protects your
  • Ad-Rage 2003 1.0

    password your programs, files and web pages all in one easy to use program. Give yourself peace of mind from people tampering with your PC with WinGuard Pro 2003 - Free Edition, stop people changing your settings,
  • Advance MDB Password Recovery Utility

    password recovery utility will help user to recover forgotten or lost passwords for MS Access (Jet Database) files. MDB database break unlock utility help administrator to recover forgotten MS Access database
  • Advanced Drive Protector 10.0

    password-protect, hide and lock your local, network, Floppy, CD/DVD and USB drives with Advanced Drive Protector. Disable the AutoRun feature for the selected drives to prevent unauthorized software installations and
  • Any Password Recovery Bundle 2009

    password Recovery Bundle is a must-have toolkit to recover/remove/reset passwords for Windows, Office, Excel, Word, Adobe PDF, WinRAR/RAR and WinZIP/ZIP, etc. Until now, these password recovery tools are the fastest on
  • Atikur Rahmans Password Manager 1.0

    password manager is a GUI application which is capable of storing your login Details of various web/mail accounts. Here all the records are saved in a secure way, which means all the data are keep password protected .
  • Atomic IE Password Cracker 1.20

    passwords saved by the AutoComplete System can be recovered with Atomic IE password Cracker. IE Content Advisor passwords can also be deleted with it and it is also useful to recovers all those passwords that are saved
  • AxpertSoft Password Encrypt Bulk Pdf 1.4.5

    password secure pdf documents with the help of AxpertSoft PDF encryption tool. It quickly protects document by inserting password, prevents pdf accessibility for edit, print & data copy paste. Tool lets user to create
  • Daossoft Password Recovery Bundle 2012

    password Recovery Bundle 2012 is an all-in-one password recovery tool designed to reset or recover passwords for Windows, Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, RAR/WinRAR, ZIP/WinZIP, PDF etc. Over 70+ types of
  • Password Maker 1.01

    password Maker will make random passwords using multiple character sets and settings of your choice.
  • DCT PasswordMaker

    password Maker by data conversion tools(DCT) - make random passwords with password Maker. password Maker will make random passwords for you. Quickly and easily create 1 or thousands of passwords at once. password Maker
  • Drumkits, drum cymbals, guitars 1.0

    password Buzz will manage ALL your IDs, passwords, links and many other details related to that particular account in just one software. It is a desktop application that is fuss free, functional, and saves you tons of
  • Free Password Generator 1.0

    password Generator generates passwords of any quantity and character length & content. password Generator will create any number of alphabetic, numeric, alphanumeric, lower and mixed case passwords of a user-defined
  • Gate-and-Way RAS 2.2

    password protected remote connections to access the LAN and all the Gate-and-Way services. Imagine "being" at the office while at home, away on business or on vacation. Other modules included on the
  • HTML Password Lock 5.3

    password protect html pages, web pages and whole web site. Based on strong algorithms, it will thoroughly encrypt your entire page so that no one can getting in unless he know the correct password. And the encrypted web
  • idoo USB Encryption 3.0

    password protect external hard drive software are great flash drive secure tool ,password protect external hard drive data. because they are really cheap and you can conveniently move data between computers. The only
  • ID_Bank 1.35.10

    passwords can be trouble especially on the Internet. You may have too many to remember and if you don't take care someone else will gain access to them! ID_Bank can help solve your problem. ID_Bank is a secure identity
  • Instant Messenger Password Recovery

    password retrieval utility offers an exclusive solution for password recovery from all account types (including Orkut, MSN, hotmail, Facebook etc), auto complete password on internet explorer and other password protected
  • Internet Explorer Password Recovery Ex

    password cracker software recover lost forgotten saved asterisk email id login passwords for Gmail, Yahoo, Orkut, MSN, AOL, Hotmail, Google and other domain accounts. Yahoo password hacking software retrieve all type of
  • JiJi Help Desk Password Reset

    password Reset Manager - Web based Help Desk password Reset manager, for users to change their AD passwords. It supports Help Desk Delegation. Supports password Reset/Unlock account/Change password through web
  • JPasskeeper 4.0.0

    password manager program written entirely in Java. Runs on all platforms with installed Java Runtime Environment version 6 or higher. Database is protected by very strong symmetric 1024 bit encryption with cipher CASCADE
  • JustBoot Password Cleaner 7.0

    password Cleaner is an extremely powerful program without any technical boundaries. At the same time, it is so easy in use that even a kid is able to run it. Cleaning a password means that you change your forgotten
  • LastBit Access Password Recovery 15.0.9219

    password recovery tool is most popular applications for recover lost or forgotten passwords. All versions of MS Access are supported. It uses the fundamental Jet Database Engine. You can crack passwords for any Jet
  • LastBit ICQ Password Recovery 1.5.305

    password recovery tool for ICQ. ICQ password is a password recovery tool (although not a password cracker) that is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your ICQ accounts. It is important that the password
  • LastBit OneNote Password Recovery 12.0.9123

    password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you lost or forgot your password for OneNote notebooks (*.one files). Such a situation might occur if someone who does not work with you anymore password protected
  • LastBit Organizer Password Recovery 12.0.9123

    password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for Lotus Organizer files (*.or?). All passwords are recovered instantly. Program interface is web-like and easy to use.
  • LCP 5.04

    password auditing and recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Accounts information import: import from local computer, import from remote computer, import from SAM file, import from .LC file, import from .LCS file,
  • Maxidix Password Angel

    password Angel is a solution to a problem of storage, structuring, and protection of sensitive data. The password manager solves the above mentioned problems in an easy and effective way: Even if the data is lost, a
  • MS Access MDB Password Recovery

    password recovery software to recover lost or forgotten Microsoft Access Database login password is cost effective utility provided by V2 Softlogic. Tool recovers all the characters of password of MS Access database file
  • MS Outlook Password Unmask Tool

    password recovery tool freeware for MS Outlook express can unmask every type password saved in email or newsgroup account. Software provides a complete GUI based interactive wizard through which any normal user can get