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  • Username Password Saver 2.90

    Save usernames and passwords. Login to Edit/View.
  • Batch Username and Password Generator 1.9

    Updated to create random (selectable) 2-5 part character passwords, and usernames. It also allows user to save these as matched pairs, with a
  • UserName 1.0.0

    The handy software utility UserName is used for displaying DN of current users and other formats of user ID. This command line utility is very easy to
  • Password Viewer 1.4

    Password Viewer is a small but efficient utility that enables you to View password fields from applications and Internet Explorer web browser. It's
  • IE Password Viewer Utility

    MS internet explorer password recovery software uncover missing or misplaced login ids and passwords of internet browser accounts that were saved by
  • Asterisks Password Viewer 2.92

    Asterisks Password Viewer is a powerful password viewing utility that enables you to see the actual password behind the asterisks. OS Windows
  • Firefox Password Viewer 2.7

    FirePasswordViewer is the GUI version of popular tool, FirePassword to recover website login passwords stored by Firefox. Like other browsers, Firefox
  • Super Asterisk password viewer 6.2

    shows hidden password on dialog or web page or dial-up box Super Asterisk password viewer is an most handy program which shows hidden password on
  • Secondary Viewer Photo Viewer

    Secondary Viewer is an image viewer that enables you to View image files on secondary display. You can also create an image slideshow that would run
  • FOX Password Safe - Password Protection Storage Manager 1.1

    FOX Password Safe is a reliable, secure and essential tool that enables you to safely and easily store all your passwords, web site logins and other
  • ObPwd (Object-based Password) - Password generator 0.54

    ObPwd is a technique to generate strong text passwords from any web object (selected text, images, and URLs), or your personal digital content - such
  • Password Decryptor (View Asterisks Password) 2.80

    View the password behind the asterisks! Windows OS stores your frequently used passwords, such as the passwords in Outlook Express email or for an
  • PDF Password Recovery and PDF Password Remover COM SDK 4.0

    PDF Password Remover COM SDK can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file
  • PDF Password Recovery And PDF Password Remover COM

    The PDF Password Remover COM can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file
  • EMF Viewer 1.4

    A fast windows enhanced metafile image viewer, that can Zoom up to 2000% and has fit to page
  • i-Fun Viewer 8.0

    i-Fun Viewer is fast, image viewer with support for all common image formats. It has an streamlined interface and is simple to use. It supports
  • Net Viewer 9.1

    Organize thousands of Web Sites by Categories, Priorities, Search Words, and Users in a Secure Database. Collect Web Sites while browsing the
  • Pic Viewer

    Small viewer program that lets you view, edit and organize almost all graphic files, photos and pictures you have on your disk. Supports most common
  • LAN Viewer 2.3

    Checking shared folders on the local network and notifies when it changes. The program will make it itself and will notify you about new and modified
  • WSQ viewer 4.1

    Free WSQ viewer/converter. Version 3.5.Cognaxon WSQ viewer reads and converts between WSQ and 33 other graphic file formats.Supported formats for
  • PDF Viewer .NET 2.4.1

    PDF Viewer .NET is a .NET component which enables your application to display and interact with PDF files. Simply place the control on your form, set
  • XML Viewer 3.0

    XML Viewer is a Development software developed by MindFusion Limited. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and
  • 2D Plt Viewer 8.0

    PLT Viewer : Your Best Solution for Arranging PLT Files! Managing PLT files is one of most important features of PLT Viewer, which also support other
  • .NET PDF Viewer 2.1

    .NET PDF Viewer is a .NET component for C# and Visual Basic .NET developers which enables your WinForm application to display and interact with PDF
  • PST Viewer 10.10.01

    Kernel for Outlook is the best suitable PST viewer software for cases like email deletion, header structure damage or corruption, 2 GB limitation file
  • RFC Viewer 1.2

    RFC Viewer is a powerful RFC browsing utility for networking program and protocol developers. It parses the original RFC file, and generates a
  • DBF Viewer PRO 2.1

    DBF Viewer PRO is built tough for for the serious professional whorequires the best DBF database tools available while at the same timeproviding an
  • Log Viewer 1.0

    Log Viewer is a Text file, document, Logs viewer with a lot of features. Configurable colors and sort of error text, warning text and more.Auto
  • WMF Viewer 2.6.3

    The program is graphics viewer which helps you to view WMF on Mac, and convert them to numerous vector and raster formats including PDF(vector), EPS,
  • Viewer 2.0.5

    Viewer can be used to view as text or hex any file of almost any size - up to millions of lines. It is designed to cope with DOS and UNIX type lines
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  • Passmaster 4.0.0

    Internet password manager with deluxe configurable password and username generator. Options include password, username, and email inserter along with password strength meter. Popup password and username reminder from the
  • PassGenOrganizer

    Everytime you join a new web site you need a username and a password. For the username you can always use the same one but as for the password it's a security risk to use the same one for all your login on each site.
  • The Password Box

    The password Box is a small program which stores password, registration keys and more info in an AES encrypted database. With The password Box, you only have to remember one password and have access to all your stored
  • AutoAuth 2.1

    AutoAuth automatically submits HTTP authentication dialogs when you've chosen to have the browser save your login information. (If you've already told the browser what your username and password are, and you've told it
  • UserPass

    username / password Generator to create 1 or more username / password combinations to a maximum of
  • CyberVault 2.0

    Cyber Vault securely manages your passwords. One password allows you to login to see all of your username and passwords. Also includes a field of the website or application for which you have a username and
  • UdayImageUploader 1.0

    UdayImageUploader allows you to upload your images. Upon starting the software you will be prompted to enter an username and password through the login screen. The main software will load if authentication is successful
  • TerraWorld Online - Reborn 2.2.7

    To play the game you do require to choose a username and a password to get access and to play. When registrating to the game the first time, you will receive a virtual representation within the game, hereafter referred
  • JCSoft SignOn 2.5

    JCSoft SignOn(TM) is an Internet Explorer toolbar that helps you manage website username, password. It features single click sign-on: just click the "SignOn" button on the toolbar, if the website has already been
  • QuickLogin 2.0

    Using QuickLogin you can login to one or more websites in one click. You can securely store the username and password of all your login sites in a password protected QuickLogin file. You can select multiple sites and
  • Drag-Drop Form 7.2.3

    Portable, password Manager and Auto-Fill tool encrypts your login URL, your username, password and other information such as credit-card number, E-Mail address, phone number and the words and sentences you use
  • freFTP 2.0

    with freFTP software you can upload or download your data[any file of any extension] on a fly ??? just drag and drop or ctrl-c/v for copy/paste. Start hosting your web-site. Pay INR 100/- after six months per year
  • Outlook Mail Password Rescue Tool

    MS outlook and outlook express password viewer utility facilitates to unmask all forgotten or hidden password and username for email accounts and newsgroup accounts created on outlook and outlook express. Lost outlook
  • IE Password Unlock

    Internet explorer password viewer software provides facility to uncover all forgotten or missed FTP password, multiple user account passwords and Auto Form, AutoComplete login id saved by Microsoft IE. Lost password
  • Password Manager for SQL Server 1.2

    password Manager for SQL Server is advance and reliable password Manager and it allows safe storage of sensitive personal and business information in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The application allows multiple
  • KABDownloader

    KABDownloader is a content retriever, leech or Downloader that pulls contents from a given web server. Use KABDownloader for all your download needs, download Movies, Music, and documents. In fact download just about
  • HBWlogin 1.0

    HBWlogin is a contractor online service which required three parameters that are tree, user, and encrypted password for security reasons. This program read file, tree and user in the section login. Than programs read the
  • IE Password Unmask Utility

    IE password recovery software instantly recovers all misplaced login ids and long character passwords covered by asterisk (***) of IE email accounts such as Rediff mail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, MSN etc. Internet explorer
  • LoginHelper 3.2

    LoginHelper is a good tool that helps you to save and manage your internet login accounts. If you are a internet surfer, you can use LoginHelper to save login information(including title, URL, username and password) to
  • Visitors of company 3.4

    Program for account of visitors coming in the company. It is filled by security guards on an entrance. It can insert up to 3 photos of pages of the Passport or Face for each visitor. Capture of images is made from a
  • GL2PS 2.0.7

    The latest stable version of GL2PS is gl2ps-1.3.5.tgz. Older versions and nightly source snapshots are available here. For read-only svn access use: 'svn co gl2ps' (username: gl2ps,
  • MSN Explorer Password Restore Tool

    MSN explorer password viewer application is the best alternate solution for e-mail password breaking and facilitates to save recovered password in text format for further use. Professional MSN explorer password revealer
  • YourPasswordKeeper 2.0

    Your password Keeper is a username and password organizer to help log in to many sites without having to remember a lot of usernames and passwords to do so
  • Password Anywhere 1.0

    Using one-way hash algorithms and encryption, will generate a password based on a Master password and site URL. Java based, so it can run on most operating systems and produce the same password consistantly. Future
  • GetSID 1.0

    GetSID does just what it says in the title, it gets the SID or Security Identifier for a certain username on a domain. Simply enter the username and domain and it will provide you with the SID of the
  • Atomic ICQ Password Recovery 1.10

    Restore ICQ Messenger passwords instantly Atomic ICQ password Recovery is a program to expose ICQ Messengers username and password information (stored locally) instantly and 100% correct regardless of password length.
  • Client-Server Password Manager 7.2.9

    CS password manager is a client-server edition password manage and form-Auto-till tool that will encrypt your login URL, username, password and other valuable information such as the credit-card number, e-mail, phone
  • ABBS Password Managert 3.0

    The password manager gives you a "one stop" location to keep track of all your passwords. It allows you to store a record that contains a Description, username and password. Then later you can just enter a character or
  • ICQ Password Recovery 2.0

    ICQ password Recovery 2.0 can recover passwords to any version of ICQ. Just select the .dat file of the ICQ user and the username and password will instantly be decrypted. Tested on all ICQ
  • THE REDLINK for Georgia

    THE REDLINK for Internet - a software to access The REDLINK information over the internet. Choose the link to the MDC regional access software you will be using. Please note that each region has its own customized