Password Authentication

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  • Socks Server 5 3.6.7-1

    SS5 is a socks server that implements the SOCKS v4 and v5 protocol. As a proxy server, SS5 authenticates, Profiles and Processes network requests for clients. It establishes connections to application hosts for client
  • Vulture 1.99

    Vulture is an HTTP reverse proxy. It does many security checks (Authentication, rewriting, filtering) before proxying request from Internet to your web applications. With Authentication enabled, vulture will open flows
  • Authentication 1.0

    Basic Authentication is a little program that converts a user name (login) and optionally a Password to/from their Base64 Basic Authentication
  • Lastbit SQL Password Recovery 2.5.593

    SQL Password is a Password recovery tool for Microsoft SQL Server that can recover Password for registered user accounts. The following versions of MS SQL Server are supported: 2000, 2005, 2005, 2008 (all editions).
  • BasicAuth BBEdit Plug-In 1.0

    For setting up web site Password Protection with Apache Basic Authentication. Makes creating htpasswd entries (with crypted Passwords) easy and fast Provides a simple .htaccess Template for setting up basic
  • Authentication Manager

    Authentication Manager is a tool for central and consistent management of user Authentication settings.You can use Authentication Management Service to perform user Authentication with NetWare server, or the LDAP server
  • TokenKey

    TokenKey turns your regular USB key into an effective security token solution. Installed directly onto your USB key, TokenKey provides strong Password protection that can be carried with you wherever you go. Following
  • SendSMTP

    SendSMTP can send SMTP email via command-line instructions or interactively. This useful utility can be used to send email alerts, programmatically send files, whatever you like. New Features: SendSMTP Now utilises
  • PHP-Auth 1.3.5

    A tomcat-like Authentication system.With no need to write code in every file that requires Authentication.Simply give the directories/files that shall be protected and the Authentication will take place whenever
  • MySpeed Server NOC Edition 6

    Set up NOC RTA Password. This additional security option appears in the MySpeed preferences Dialog if you are running a MySpeed Server NOC Edition. The Remote Testing Agent (RTA) provides the means to support automated
  • sshsync 1.0h

    A command line applications that allows intelligent Secure FTP transmissions. SshSync only support pull type transfers, but it allows use of a Private Key to ensure that Authentication is secure. A text file that
  • Maxidix Password Angel

    Password Angel is a solution to a problem of storage, structuring, and protection of sensitive data. The Password manager solves the above mentioned problems in an easy and effective way: Even if the data is lost, a
  • JiJi Help Desk Password Reset

    Password Reset Manager - Web based Help Desk Password Reset manager, for users to change their AD Passwords. It supports Help Desk Delegation. Supports Password Reset/Unlock account/Change Password through web
  • BioKeyLogon 2.0

    Keystroke dynamics Authentication for Windows BioKeyLogon - add keystroke dynamics Authentication to standard Windows Authentication procedure during logon. It is based on the fact that different people type in
  • NetworkPasswordDecryptor 2.1

    NetworkPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to instantly recover the network Passwords stored in the 'Credential Store' of Windows. Windows 'Credential Store' provides the framework for storing various network
  • Pivo SSH Component 1.01

    Pivo SSH was developed for commercial organization for securing remote shell access. The protocol supports compression and tunneling multiple TCP connections over one secured connection. SSH supports various
  • ACES Personalization Kit 2.1

    ACES Personalization Kit is a set of tools designed to enhance the Microsoft Internet Information Server or Microsoft Personal Web Server or any other server which supports ISAPI with additional Authentication
  • abylon LOGON 9.50.7

    The software abylon LOGON offers a comfortable way to protect your computer against illegal access. You only need to train your chip card, your removable media (e. g. memory stick), or a CD/DVD with your windows login
  • Merlin WebCam 1.0

    Merlin WebCam allow you to easily connect to any WIA device (Web cams, digital cameras, and scanners for example). You can have the video output to the Web cam control or to any other panel type control. The
  • Excel Encryption Advanced Tool 4.0

    Encrypt excel document to Prevent copy,Prevent edit, and authorize to read.Stronger than the office's own encryption.You can encrypt excel document into exe files that can only be opened when a Read Password is
  • ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS Server 5.7

    ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS Server provides the strongest available Wi-Fi network security. The product enables centralized Authentication and administration for thousands and even millions of entities. In addition, it
  • Word Document Encryption Tool 6.0

    Encrypt word document to Prevent copy,Prevent edit,Control print, and authorize to read.Stronger than the office's own encryption.You can encrypt word document into exe files that can only be opened when a Read
  • Dekart Password Carrier 2.05

    Dekart Password Carrier is a secure web form filler and Password management tool that provides one-click login to web sites directly from USB drive. With Password Carrier and a USB flash drive, you can plug into any
  • SharePoint Password Reset 1.0.909.1

    SharePoint Password Reset Let users reset their Password right on a web part without intervention from SharePoint administrator A simple web part that lets users reset their Password right on their SharePoint page
  • Quest Authentication Services 4.0

    Quest Authentication Services is patented technology that addresses the Authentication needs of more than 1,000 enterprise customers with more than 5 million installed seats by extending the security and compliance of
  • TCCRadius 2002

    A complete RADIUS Authentication and accounting package based on Internet RFCs 2138 & 2139. It is designed to be easy to setup and use. TCCRadius provides for Authentication from ODBC, NT SAM, or Text. FAIL-Safe Modes:
  • Network Password Decryptor 2.1

    Now you can easily recover your lost or forgotten network Passwords by using handy software application Network Password Decryptor. You can use it for recovering following Passwords: Basic/Digest Authentication Passwords
  • FreeCS 1.2.200660130

    FreeCS is a free chatserver (WebChat) written in Java. But even better: It is OpenSource. This means, that everybody may contribute her/his own codesnippets and improvements or just implement special things for their
  • UdayImageUploader 1.0

    UdayImageUploader allows you to upload your images. Upon starting the software you will be prompted to enter an username and Password through the login screen. The main software will load if Authentication is successful
  • Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes 1.02

    Protect access to Lotus Notes with smart cards, USB disks and biometrics. Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes enables you to store all your Passwords on one removable storage device (USB flash drive or CD disk), a smart card or